RoboPeak USB Display User Mode SDK is Released

RoboPeak USB Display User Mode SDK

A lot of people asked us: is there a way that we can control our displays more directly, and on more platforms?

Now, we are excited to take the amazing RoboPeak USB Display User Mode SDK to the public.


  • Support Windows/OS X/Linux
  • Support x86/arm
  • Direct access to the low-level display operations
  • Fully open source


  • Enumerate all RoboPeak USB Display devices connected (Relative APIs: enumDevices, findFirstDevice, openFirstDevice)
  • Handle touch screen operations (Relative APIs: setStatusUpdatedCallback, getStatus)
  • Fill the screen with color (Relative API: fill)
  • Draw a bitmap to the screen with bit operations (Relative API: bitblt)
  • Fill rectangle with bit operations (Relative API: fillrect)
  • Copy an area of image to another place on the screen, in place. (Relative API: copyArea)

Where To Get It

We have published it to our github repository: Please go and get it, and have fun!

One thought on “RoboPeak USB Display User Mode SDK is Released”

  1. Hi:
    Nice to see such a rapid development in this nice screen.
    I need to ask two questions:
    1) can i rotate the screen using your drivers in a pcDuino
    2) what name has the white connector below the board
    Thanks in regards

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