Laser Keyboard Kit II Comes: Smaller and Better

Our open-source laser projection keyboard kit now has its second generation!

The new generation only has 1/2 the height of its predecessor. It is so cute to allow you to put this little guy into your pocket.


We also redesigned its optical system. You will feel the key input experience more reliable and precise. Enjoy it 🙂



3D print technology are used everywhere. In this new kit, 3d printed shell make the assemble process become simple and easy. Just a few steps, your laser keyboard II will work.

Where to buy?

Currently, DFRobot is our designated agent to sell Laser Keyboard Kit II:

Click the following link for details:

Related Documents:

Signal Processing Software:

The Source Code:

License Issue:

All the source code is licensed under LGPL by default.

Git Repos:

NOTICE: no warranty for the sourcecode and the related software.

How to build from the source code?

Please refer to this article.

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