RoboPeak Mini USB Display upgrade version is coming


RoboPeak Mini USB Display sales very well since last October. We received a lot  variable comments and suggestions from customer. Now, the upgrade version of USB display is coming.

Latest firmware support:

The upgrade RoboPeak Mini USB display uses latest 1.04 firmware which boost frame rate a lot by supporting data compression.

Supporting more devices:

We supporting more devices in this version: ArduinoYun, WR703 and Iteaduino Plus A10. You can download related pre-built ROM in the firmware download page.


  • ArduinoYun


  • WR703


Frequently Asked Questions:

We made a FAQ List for frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact if you have any other questions.

User mode driver and application SDK:

We will publish user mode driver and application SDK for RoboPeak Mini USB display in the coming weeks. By then, you can develop display application easily with the SDK in Windows/Linux/MacOS. Stay tuned!

Click here for the latest User Manual

Click here for the purchase information

5 thoughts on “RoboPeak Mini USB Display upgrade version is coming”

  1. Hi, which is the linux distro used in image for Itead plus A10 NAND ?
    Which are the procedures to upload image to board


  2. I am interested in your LIDAR product. However my application requires imaging at about 7 meters – just outside of your limit of detection. Do you plan to have models with a longer range? Also you show examples of 3D imaging but how is this accomplished? Is there an additional servo motor that scans the vertical field of view?

    1. 3D models require extra scan motors. Currently our RPLIDAR is calibrated to measure 7 meters but it is not guaranteed as spec. To measure longer distance, we also provide customized version which detects distance up to 12 meters. The customized version requires a minimum order quantity.

      Besides, you may use some algorithms to extend the detection range, for example, using SLAM

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