RP-LIDAR: Low Cost 5hz 360 deg LIDAR

We are proud to announce our 5hz 360degree 2d Laser Scanner (LIDAR): RPLIDAR.

LIDAR is one of the ideal sensor to perform robot indoor localization (such as the SLAM algorithm). Also, LIDAR can be used to implement 3D scene scan and modeling. But currently the existing product is very expensive (>$2000 USD). The high cost of the current products prevents LIDAR to be applied in the daily home usage and it is hard for a robotic hobbyist to afford one.

Figure: An indoor map created by LIDAR based SLAM (from the book: Probabilistic Robotics)

RPLIDAR is built by low cost design, the price of the final product will be much lower than the existing products. The ranger system is based on triangualtion, it provides precise measurement (refer to the following spec for details). Thanks to the high speed vision system designed by RoboPeak, RPLIDAR only costs 0.4 millisecond to perform a single measure. The high speed sampling rate enables RPLIDAR to have a 5.5hz scan rate with 360 sample points in each cycle. The performance should be good enough for indoor robotic SLAM.

Sample Images & Videos

Engineer Sample:

Scan Result:

Scan Video:

Key Specifications

NOTE: As our design is changing, the following specifications are subjected to be changed without further notice. Please refer to the datasheet attached with the final product.

How to get one?

We have just finished several the engineer samples, a massive production will be scheduled. We are looking for factorys to cooperate with us in the massive production stage.

How to contact us?

Please email to support <AT> robopeak.com

Photos & Videos/图片和视频

在正式发布前,这里先给出一些相关的图片和视频资料. FYI.

Before our formal release, here we give some interesting stuffs. FYI.

1. 我们的通用机器人开发平台(原型系统)

Our General Robotic Development Platform (Prototype version)

2. [视频] 平台的手动控制/功能性演示

[Demo video] Manual control / Functionality Demo

3. [视频]基于激光雷达的3维点云的场景重建

[Demo video] 3D Cloud Point Scene Reconstruction based on Laser Ranger Data

4. 低成本的激光雷达系统

Low-cost Laser Ranger

5. 用于手动操控的GUI界面

GUI Console for Manual Control

6.  使用Ipad进行无线操控

Wireless control via IPad

7. RoboPeak设计的部分硬件

RoboPeak-designed Hardware

8. [Video]Fun Stuffs


更多高级的特性(SLAM, 基于手势语音等的人际沟通等)即将在今后发布。

More advanced features (SLAM, Human interaction via gesture&voice, …) will be released in the near future.